On February 16, 2023, 8:00 PM, PMAJ EVANGELINE SD MOLINA, PIO, PSPG co-hosted in the said program with guest Regional Police Security and Protection Units (RPSPUs) 4A and 4B. RPSPU-4A Chief, PLTCOL JEAN MARY MANGAHIS and RPSPU-4B Chief, PLTCOL ELEAZAR BARBER presented their Unit’s recent significant accomplishments and ways forward in 2023 and other important announcements.
The regular guesting of the PSPG in “Anghel De La Guardia” radio program via DWDD 1134 Khz AM AFP RADIO and “La Guardia News Online” Facebook Live hosted by Mr. Mike Datuin, one of the members of PSPG Advisory Council. The activity aims to increase the awareness of the public about the PSPG, its important role in national security especially the operational accomplishments as well as its community engagements.
Relative to this, this Group respectfully invites everyone to tune-in on the radio program or watch, like, share and comment in the Facebook live of La Guardia News Online every Thursday, 8:00 PM.

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